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Week 2 of the MW Frequency Challenge - 1430 kHz

We are now in week 2 of our MW Frequency Challenge after a very successful Week 1 which saw nearly 75 loggings on 910 kHz from DXers in two countries (US and Mexico) and 18 states! First, a quick recap of our 910 Challenge:

Most Logged Stations: James Niven of Cedar Creek, TX used his Perseus and DKAZ antennas to reel in 9 stations logged on this frequency. James heard 3 states (Texas, Louisiana and Colorado), 1 Canadian Province (Alberta) and a total of 5 countries (USA, Mexico, Canada, Cuba, Venezuela).

Most Logged States: We had a three-way tie with Troy Porter, Earl Higgins and Tom Nichols all loggings 5 U.S. states, each!

  • Tom (NC): OH, PA, SC, TN, VA

  • Troy (OH): KY, MI, OH, TN, VA

  • Earl (MO): IA, MI, MS, OK, TN

Most Logged Countries: James Niven with 5 countries (USA, Mexico, Canada, Cuba and Venezuela) received from TX

Furthest Logging: James Niven with a 3,672 mile catch of YVRQ in Venezuela. In fact, James had the top 2 loggings with YVRQ and and CKDQ (2,768 miles)

Loyd/DX Central Numbers:

  • 9 stations logged

  • 5 states logged (TX, TN, SC, MS, LA)

  • 4 countries logged (USA, San Andres & Providencia, Venezuela, Cuba)

  • 2,016 miles furthest logging (YVRQ in Venezuela)

  • Most loggings were done with a Perseus/KAZ combination

Most Logged Station: WEPG - South Pittsburgh, TN was logged by 5 DXers (Earl Higgings, Troy Porter, Tom Nichols, Rob Keeney (SC) and Loyd/DX Central (LA)

Most Logged State: Tennessee (WEPG and WJCW) logged 9 times

Most Logged Country (outside of US): Cuba (5) with Venezuela (3) right behind! In all, there were 12 loggings for stations outside of the United States.

Busiest Time of Day: Sunset with 28 loggings recorded. Overnight was just behind with 27 loggings. Sunrise and Daytime both had 9 loggings reported.

Most Used Receiver: 41 loggings were made using SDRs, with the Perseus (20) being the most widely used of the batch. 16 loggings came from portable radios, with the Sangean HDR-18 (6) being the most frequently used.

Most Used Antenna: Magnetic Loops ruled the day with 23 loggings reported, most of those coming from some variation of Wellbrook magnetic loop (7). The KAZ/DKAZ variants also proved popular with 20 loggings reported.

We now turn our attention towards week 2, where we will be focusing all of our collective attention on 1430 kHz. Should be an interesting week of logs!


Logs for week two will only be accepted for stations received between 0500 UTC Sunday, November 28, 2021 and the challenge closing announcement during our livestream on Saturday, December 4th (Central Standard Time). Logs must be from your own equipment using WebSDRs is allowed for reference, but will not be counted towards the challenge. If you do log from a WebSDR, be sure to mark your location as from the location of the WebSDR itself, not your home location. All loggings must be submitted using our Google Form at Submissions by any other form including social media, email, etc. will not be accepted.

An eCertificate will be sent to the DXer with the most logged stations during the challenge time period. Additional eCertificates may be presented at the discretion of DX Central.

Have fun, 73 and best of DX!

Loyd - W4LVH

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Will there be a week 3?


Earl Higgins
Earl Higgins
Nov 28, 2021

Another suggestion: it would be nice if the form could remember those fields which are very unlikely to change (DXer name, email address, city, state, country) it really does take a good solid five minutes to fill that thing out. I think there's a way to do this using stored cookies in Google forms. Also, I would just get rid of the field of "time of day" or whatever you call it where it's sunrise, daytime, sunset, nighttime. That is easily determined from the UTC and receiver location. Less fields, more time for DX!

Replying to

Good call on that too, changed the format of the answer to free text. Still keeping the Time of Day, though. Makes it much easier and efficient for me to run the stats at the end of the week.


Earl Higgins
Earl Higgins
Nov 28, 2021

Very fun contest! A suggestion: You might want to make it clear to participants that their email address will be published at the end of the contest, I believe some people may not be happy with this, due to privacy concerns. Or perhaps offer participants the option of redacting their email address from the final spreadsheet?

Replying to

Earl - good call, thank you for reminding me. I have deleted those from the Google Sheet and will be sure to do so for future weeks. Thank you!

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