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Equipment Reviews

Reviews of DX-related equipment for AM and FM DX, written from the perspective of a DXer, not an eningeer.  Real-world examples of DX usage are included as much as possible and plan language is used to make it easier for a DXer of any experience-level to be able to comprehend.  If you have a piece of equipment you would like to see put to the DX Central test, send us an email at and we will take a look to see if it meets our criteria for consideration.  

Equipment reviews do not constitute an endorsement of the reviewed product.  Suppliers and vendors that wish to have their equipment reviewed may contact for arrangements.  However, DX Central does NOT accept free products in exchange for favorable reviews.  

To be considered for review, a product must:

  • Be useful for AM and/or FM DXing pursuits

  • Be available commercially to DXers (preferred) or easily constructible for any experience level of DXer (i.e. antennas that require minimal to no soldering, etc.)

  • Include contact information from the seller/provider so that consumers may contact them directly for support and/or additional questions

All reviews, unless otherwise noted on the review, are conducted by Loyd Van Horn, W4LVH.  If you wish to reprint/use a review in your publication/online, contact Loyd directly at for arrangements.  Reviews are for personal use only and unauthorized use or duplication of these reviews is strictly prohibited.  



DX Central | Under Review

DX Central's first video review explores the reasons why you absolutely need to have this print guide in your DX arsenal, even in a world of ever-increasing online information.


DXtreme Reception Log

November, 2012

Put away that ragged old paper logbook and start getting your DX organized!  This is a reprint of my original review from Monitoring Times magazine in November, 2012.


XHDATA D-808 Portable

Spectrum Monitor, May 2020

Can a tiny portable really give you BIG DX?   You might be pleasantly surprised by this little radio.  MW and FM DXers take note, the D-808 came to play!


Quantum QX Loop v3.0

October, 2012 (UPDATED March, 2020)

Gerry Thomas at Radio Plus has been churning out quality loop antennas for several decades.  This latest iteration, though, will be his last.  Get them while you can!


Airspy HF+ & W6LVP Loop

UPDATED:  March 29, 2020

Build a quality receive setup with the combination of a top notch SDR and outstanding magnetic loop antenna.  All for less than most mag loops costs by themselves!

All content on this site is Copyright © 2020 by Loyd Van Horn, who is solely responsible for the content.  All Rights Reserved.  Unauthorized use or redistribution of the content of these pages in any format without express written permission is strictly prohibited .  The auithor is not responsible for any damage, financial loss, injury or death that results from activities outlined in these pages. Any and all such activities are assumed to be at your OWN RISK. It is the responsibility of the reader to know all national, state, provincial and local codes/laws pertaining to their pursuit of the activities outlined in these pages.
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