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Week 4 of the MW Frequency Challenge and Week 3 Results

DXers from two countries (Mexico and the US) and 15 US States brought in logs for Week 3 of our MW Frequency Challenge! First, let's look at Week 3's results:

Most Logged Stations: We had a two-way tie between Earl Thomas Higgins (MO) and Bill Coury (MI) who both logged 9 stations each! Dennis Bannister (VA) was right on their heels with 7 logs.

Most Logged States/Provinces: We had a two-way tie with Earl Thomas Higgins and Bill Coury both logging 8 U.S. states/Canadian Provinces, each!

  • Bill (MI): KY, MI, ND, OH, PA, SC, VA, WI

  • Earl (MO): AR, IL, KY, ND, NE, OK, SC, WI

Most Logged Countries: Several DXers logged XERFR or XEJ in Mexico to add their second country of the week: XERFR was heard by: Earl Thomas Higgins (MO) and James Niven (TX). XEJ was heard by: John Johnson (AZ)

Furthest Logging: Earl Thomas Higgins brought home the top spot this week with a reception of 1,422 miles of XERFR in Mexico using his KiwiSDR and End-Fed Wire from Missouri! Close behind him was James Niven of Cedar Creek, TX who also logged XERFR for his furthest catch, at 865 miles.

Loyd/DX Central Numbers:

  • 10 stations logged (from two states: CA and LA)

  • 8 states logged (AZ, CA, ID, MT - from California) (FL, KY, OK, SC - from Louisiana)

  • 2 countries logged (USA and Mexico)

  • 1,519 miles furthest logging (XERFR-Mexico)

  • All loggings from Louisiana were done with a Perseus/KAZ combination. All logs from California were made with an Airspy HF+ Discovery and a W6LVP portable loop.

Most Logged Station: WWRK in Florence, SC was logged by 10 DXers!

Most Logged State/Province: SC (WWRK) was logged by 10 DXers. Coming in close second place was KY (WGTK) which was heard by 9 DXers. OH came in third place with 6 DXers (WATH and WFUN).

Most Logged Country (outside of US): Mexico, as received by 5 different DXers.

Busiest Time of Day: For the second week, DXers were burning the midnight oil, loggings 43% of all receptions in their local overnight period (31 logs). Sunset wasn't too far behind with 27% (20 logs). Oddly enough, once again daytime and sunrise both accounted for the same number of logs (11, or 15% each).

Most Used Receiver: For the second straight week, 56 receptions were made by an SDR, taking the top spot (for the third week in a row). Of those, SDRPlay SDRs brought in the most DX with 17 logged stations, while the Airspy HF+ Discovery was close behind with 15 logs! Portables still brought in good DX, though, too, with 15 stations logged. The Sangean HDR-18 was once again the leader of this pack with 5 logged stations.

Most Used Antenna: There is no denying, the magnetic loops are bringing in the DX and for the third week in a row they brought in the most with 42 of the logged receptions. It was an even split with the Wellbrook loops and W6LVP loops both bringing in 10 logs, each. The MLA-30 (9) and AN-200 (5) also brought in a good number of receptions. Terminated loops brought in 13 logs, but the most states and furthest catches were all done on terminated loop antennas.

See the full export of data at our Google Sheet:

With that, we open up Week 4 of our MW Frequency Challenge, with quite a doozy of a freq: 1320 kHz!


Logs for week two will only be accepted for stations received between 0245 UTC Sunday, December 12, 2021 and the challenge closing announcement during our livestream on Saturday, December 18th (Central Standard Time). Logs must be from your own equipment using WebSDRs is allowed for reference, but will not be counted towards the challenge. If you do log from a WebSDR, be sure to mark your location as from the location of the WebSDR itself, not your home location. All loggings must be submitted using our Google Form at Submissions by any other form including social media, email, etc. will not be accepted.

An eCertificate will be sent to the DXer with the most logged stations during the challenge time period. Additional eCertificates may be presented at the discretion of DX Central.

Have fun, 73 and best of DX!

Loyd - W4LVH

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Earl Higgins
Earl Higgins
13 dic 2021

Thanks Lloyd! It was fun. I will say that I really, really worked on this. I had the radio on when I woke up in the morning, hoping for sunrise skip (at least from Ohio or Pennsylvania, is that too much to ask?). I listened to it in the shower as I was getting ready for work! I had it on when I went to bed, hoping for something to surface. I checked it periodically throughout the day since it's December you never know when some bizarre skywave might hit. Most of those things didn't pan out, but a few did.

Me gusta
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