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Watch one stream, get another free with DX Central Live!

We have a special night in store for our return of DX Central Live! after an extended break!

In addition to our usual livestream returning to our weekly cadence on Friday, February 24th at 1845 CST/0045 UTC, we will also be going LIVE on Friday, February 24th at 2245 CST/0445 UTC for the special DX Test broadcast from 1170 - WDFB in Junction City, KY.

Full details on the DX Test can be found on our blog post:

We go live at 2245 CST/0445 UTC and will stream the entire two hour event. The DX Test itself will begin at 0001 EST/2301 CST/0501 UTC.

You can catch our livestream from any of our four streaming platforms. Links to each of these can be found at

Need a refresher on DX Tests? Then be sure to check out our DX Test crash course with our DX 101 videos:

We will also be doing a very special live stream for the "Going dark" DX Test of KDWN later this month Stay tuned for more details on that event right here on DX Central!


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