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Video actually helping radio, for a change?

I grew up as a writer, in a family full of them.

Well, by full I mean my mother and father were both writers.

I spent years as a writer both in newspapers and magazines. I was a columnist in sports pages as well as in Monitoring Times (a magazine devoted to the radio hobby that closed its doors in 2013).

I still enjoy writing, but times are changing. This is a multi-media world and while we cannot download entire disciplines of knowledge into our brains as they do in the Matrix movies, we do have YouTube.

You don't have to be an MSA-certified mechanic these days to be able to work on your vehicle. I was able to replace the water pump in my Jeep a few years back armed with only the knowledge obtained by watching several YouTube videos on the subject.

When I first began DX Central almost a year ago (get the cake and balloons ready!) my vision was fairly narrow. A Web site devoted to AM and FM DX where I could share the accumulated knowledge I had gained over the past 30 years as well as the tidbits I continued to learn each day.

In that endeavor, I believe we have succeeded at providing a knowledge resource. I will continue to refine this site and add more content as I am able to do so. This will always be my hub for all things DX Central.

In this increasingly multi-media world, though, I have begun to really pour a considerable amount of time (and financial investment) into the DX Central YouTube channel. They are relatively easy to produce, can cover a much wider range of topics and in detail that would be much more difficult in written word.

I have created multiple video series on the channel:

  • DX 101: To borrow from the DX 101 section of this site, this is my continuing effort to share knowledge with the greater DX community about DXing. Everything from DX techniques; the technical side with antennas, SDRs and other DX gear; how-tos, and more. This is really the core of the YouTube channel, the educational outreach of DX Central.

  • DXC Live!: Live AM or FM DX sessions. Grab your radio and DX alongside me, report what you are hearing in the live chat, or request a frequency for us to check out to see if what we are hearing matches what you have. Especially popular during DX Tests, FM openings, and special events on AM (i.e. when WHAS recently went off-air, during an auroral night, etc.). I am going to be adding additional features and more related to this series, so stay tuned!

  • Airchecks: Both AM and FM....this will be one area where the YouTube channel is replacing a segment of the Website. It became a very daunting and labor-intensive practice to upload aircheck clips to this site. YouTube is MUCH quicker, easier and more permanent. I have created a playlist for both AM and FM airchecks.

  • Under Review: Where we take a radio, SDR, antenna, publication or some other piece of DX-related gear and put it through the rigors of our testing. Overly technical terminology will not be found here. This will be a review that any DXer of any level of experience will be able to follow along. Any jargon we introduce we will be sure to explain.

I am sure there will be additional series popping up over time. This is just getting us started.

My goal is to always provide the viewer (you) with a polished, professional presentation. I need to be able to put my 4-year degree in electronic media (including video production) to good use somehow, right?

So, if you haven't yet, I invite you to join us over on our DX Central YouTube channel. Again, other than airchecks, this is not a replacement for anything you will find here and I will continue to look for new content to add to this site. If you want the latest and greatest from DX Central, though:

  • Follow us on Twitter: - We post all of our updates, new video announcements, anything new on the site, pretty much everything is put up there FIRST

  • Subscribe to and don't forget to click the 'bell' icon to be notified when new videos are available!

Thank you all for your support and being part of a fantastic first year of DX Central. I cannot wait to see what is still yet to come!

73 and best of DX!



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