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The DX Central MW Frequency Challenge is officially OPEN

The DX Central MW Frequency Challenge is officially OPEN!

The Frequency challenge consists of trying to log as many stations on a single frequency as you possibly can - and we all do it together at the same time!

This week's frequency: 910 kHz

Use the link below to submit your loggings starting now through the end of our live stream on Saturday during DXC Live!

Let's see what all we can hear!

Google Form for Loggings:

Don't forget to join us for the premiere of Season 2 of DXC Live on Saturday, Nov, 27th at 0145 UTC at

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john harding
john harding
Mar 08, 2022

I've been looking at your frequency challenge exercises. Could you please add a date for the specific challenge, including the year as I keep find older challengers but no clue as to whether they are current or historical maybe link to the active challenge. Keep up the great work, very informative and interesting

Be well

John- Oak Ridge TN

Replying to

John - Thank you for checking us out! All of the challenges thus far have been in 2022, I just started them this year. The newer challenges are at the top of the blog, the further down you go they get older. The date of the blog post should give an idea of what is most recent. We are now in week 16 (693-783 kHz) which is the most recent blog post. The link to the Google Form is in there as well for anyone wishing to submit loggings. The loggings can be anything in that frequency range as long as it was received between 0300 UTC Monday March 7th and 0300 UTC Monday March 14th. 73 and …

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