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MW Frequency Challenge - Week 4 Results and Week 5 Announcement

Another week of the MW Frequency Challenge comes to a close as we close the book for now on 1320 kHz and look ahead to Week 5 and 620 kHz! Week 4 was a record-breaking week for us several areas, you all really hit the bands hard!

DXers from two countries (Mexico and the US) and 18 US States brought in logs for Week 4 of our MW Frequency Challenge, blowing away our previous record for most loggings with more than 120 stations logged! First, let's look at Week 4's results:

Most Logged Stations: Taking the top spot in a big way, with the highest number of logged stations in a single week thus far, was Rob Keeney from the Upstate of South Carolina. With his Airspy HF+ Discovery and Wellbrook magnetic loop antenna, Rob brought in 15 stations in one week on a single frequency! That is some serious DXing!

Most Logged States/Provinces: Rob also brought in the most states heard this week with 10 states heard (AR, FL, KY, MI, NC, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA). Tom Laskowski (IN) and Bill Coury (MI) were right on his heels though with 9 states heard!

Most Logged Countries: Several DXers logged either CJMB or CJMR in Canada to add a second country to their logbook. Other DXers added a second country in through other means: Rick Kunath (FL) added Cuba and Mike Jeziorski (Mexico) brought our sole Mexican log for the week.

Furthest Logging: Mark Connelly (MA), with his 1,617 mile logging of KXYZ in Houston, TX took the top spot this week. Dennis Bannister (VA) took the next two spots on the list with 1,170 miles (KXYZ) and 858 miles (WDIZ in Venice, FL)

Loyd/DX Central Numbers:

  • 7 stations logged

  • 6 states logged (AR, FL, KY, MS, TN, TX)

  • 1 country logged (USA)

  • 930 miles (WBRT in Bardstown, KY)

Most Logged Station: WJAS in Pittsburg, PA logged by 9 DXers!

Most Logged State/Province: KY (WBRT and WCVG in Covington) brought in 13 loggings this week. PA was close in second place with 10 loggings.

Most Logged Country (outside of US): Canada logged by 5 DXers.

Busiest Time of Day: Overnight has been consistently in the top spot, which is not surprising. However, for the third straight it, overnight logs made up 43% of all loggings. That is an interesting trend! Sunset (35.5% of logs), Sunrise (14.9%) and Daytime (6.6%) rounded out the rest of the dayparts.

Most Used Receiver: Once again, SDRs are bringing in the largest amount of DX, as you might imagine, with 85 loggings this week (70% of all logs). SDRPlay SDRs once again led the way, this week with 31 loggings while the Airspy HF+ DIscovery was right there in stride with 30. The Perseus and Kiwi SDRs both brought in 8 logs each. Portables once again did lion's share of the work, with 26 stations logged. Sangean portables (specifically the HDR-18) led the way with 8 logs. C. Crane (6), GE Superradio II (4) and the XHDATA D-808 (3) rounded out the portable crew.

Most Used Antenna: 57 stations were logged this week using magnetic loops (47% of all logs) to once again be the top antenna used. The Wellbrook loops (16) was the leading mag loop this week with the Airspy YouLoop (14), MLA-30 (12) and W6LVP loop (7) rounded out the top spots for magnetic loop use. General wire antennas also were a big bringer of DX this week with 21 logs on these various wire designs. Terminated loops (18) and Internal Antennas (9) were also popular options.

With that, we open up Week 5 of our MW Frequency Challenge, with quite a doozy of a freq: 620 kHz!


Logs for week five will only be accepted for stations received between 0350 UTC Monday, December 20, 2021 and the challenge closing announcement during our on Sunday, December 26th (will be announcing the closing on social media). Logs must be from your own equipment using WebSDRs is allowed for reference, but will not be counted towards the challenge. If you do log from a WebSDR, be sure to mark your location as from the location of the WebSDR itself, not your home location. All loggings must be submitted using our Google Form at Submissions by any other form including social media, email, etc. will not be accepted.

An eCertificate will be sent to the DXer with the most logged stations during the challenge time period. Additional eCertificates may be presented at the discretion of DX Central.

Have fun, 73 and best of DX!

Loyd - W4LVH

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