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MW Frequency Challenge - Week 13 Results and Week 15 Announcement (1089-1143 kHz)

We are changing our format slightly for our weekly MW Frequency Challenge results announcement. In addition to the highlight video, we are providing a Web page with all of the raw data and analysis for each week. You are actually getting much more information in this new format than the old one and it saves a few steps for me each week in compiling the data!

Our Week 13 results (940 - 981 kHz) can be found here:

We will also be going back and putting all previous weeks up on their own individual page as well as putting up a cumulative page with stats for the entire season thus far. That might take a bit of time, so bear with me on that!

We are also announcing the new frequencies of the week for Week 15. I have been holding on to this range of frequencies for a while, because there are some good options here for Latin American DX and I wanted to wait until conditions were primed (and my antenna was pointing South). Both of those seem to be in play now with the recent nice openings into Latin America the past week or so.

The Google Form to enter your logs can be found at:

Good luck to all DXers!


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