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MW Frequency Challenge - 2022-23 Season - Week 4 Announcement and Week 2 Results

Another great week from weeks 2 and 3. For week 4, we are bringing back the two frequency approach with a 10kHz frequency and a 9kHz frequency. Any DXer can log a reception from either or both frequencies!

  • 1400 kHz

  • 621 kHz

Receptions made between 0100 UTC Saturday, Oct 15th (2000 CDT on Friday night) and 0100 UTC Saturday, Oct 22nd will be counted.

Week 4's Google Form can be found at the link, below:

In addition, we have released the results from Week 2 (670-702 kHz).

The highlight video with winners in each category can be found

The Google Sheets with raw data and tables from week 2 can be found here:

Good luck and 73!


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