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DX Central's MW Frequency Challenge - Weeks 25 & 26 Results and full Season 2 recap!

The results for our final weeks of Season 2 of the MW Frequency Challenge - Week 25 (1410-1440) and Week 26 (1460-1480 kHz) - are now available at our Google Site:

This includes the raw data, analysis tables and highlight video.

That brings us to the end of Season 2, which means it is time for the season-ending recap/results!

You can find the full results at our Google Site:

A few callouts though that I wanted to highlight here:

  • Season 2 saw nearly 6,000 logs submitted

  • 101 frequencies were activated (out of 116 freqs with licensed US stations)

  • Of the possible stations that could have been logged on those frequencies, 51% were logged by MWFC participants

  • 42% of all licensed US stations were logged during the course of Season 2

  • Of those 101 frequencies, 7 had every single available licensed US station logged by participants: 1620, 1630, 1640, 1660, 1670, 1680, and 1700

  • 30 countries were logged by participants, with ALL SIX continents (that have AM stations on them) reported

  • All 50 states, plus 9 Canadian provinces were logged during this season

  • Nearly 2,200 total stations were logged in Season 2

  • 51% of all loggings were during sunset/sunrise periods.

  • 90% of all loggings were made using an SDR

  • 53% of all loggings were made using some form of a magnetic loop antenna (W6LVP, Wellbrook, MLA-30, YouLoop, etc.)

A huge thank you to all who participated in this season, you helped make Season 2 the biggest MW Frequency Challenge season to-date!

Tonight's episode of DX Central Live! will be our final for the season. We will reconvene for Season 4 in September. In the meantime, we aren't leaving you with nothing to do over the summer. Be sure to check out our blog post regarding our newest challenge, announced on tonight's edition of DXC Live!

Best of DX and 73!

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