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POSTPONED | 1090 - WENR - Englewood, TN - Daytime DX Test! | POSTPONED

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

The DX test noted below is currently postponed for a later date, TBD. DX Central will post an update once the new date/time is announced by the CPC. - Loyd

The Courtesy Program Committee (CPC) of the IRCA and NRC are pleased to announce a special Daytime DX Test for WENR 1090 kHz in Englewood, TN. The test will run on Saturday, February 27, 2021 starting at 5:00 PM EST (22:00 UTC) until 6:15 PM EST (23:15 UTC).

This unique DX Test was inspired by a recent article in the MW Circle by Barry Davies and Steve Whitt, entitled “Catch a US Daytimer.” It discusses the possibility of logging daytime-authorized stations in the US during brief time periods as they near the end of their broadcast day.

The hope is that DX’ers in Europe, along with some in the United States in the Eastern, Central and possibly Mountain Time Zone will be able to take advantage of enhanced propagation near sunset to log this station as well. The station will run only legal voice identification, Morse Code identifications, sweep tones and sound effects. No music, announcements or other material. This should maximize the chances of DX’ers hearing this rare daytime station.

Running the test near the end of the broadcast day, rather than during normal testing hours overnight has some unique advantages:

  • Allows DX’ers in Europe to take advantage of grayline propagation.

  • Less interference to Europe and the East Coast from KAAY in Little Rock.

  • More convenient for Chief Engineer. No late night trip to the transmitter site.

WENR normally runs a classic rock and roll format that is simulcast with their 250 watt FM translator, W285CG. They identify the station using the FM branding, 104.9, “The Mountain.” It transmits during daytime hours on a 1,000 watt signal with good coverage into one of East Tennessee’s mid-sized market of Athens.

Starting at 5:00 PM EST, WENR will sign off it’s normal format of classic rock, and begin running the DX test material for the next 1.25 hours. Listeners will be advised to switch to the FM translator on 104.9 to continue enjoying the music they normally hear.


Reception reports and verifications will be handled by the Courtesy Program Committee of the NRC/IRCA. You can send them via e-mail only to:

We are modifying our rules for verifications to reflect the reality of limited time and resources. Please read carefully:

  • Reports via e-mail only:

  • Reports must include a recording of the best two minutes or less of your reception in .MP3 or .WAV formats.

  • Short video clips of your reception on an SDR screen, your equipment and/or antennas are also welcome. E-mail for details on sending very large files if need be.

  • Must include your location, receiver and antenna used. Other details welcome.

  • Written details of the test welcome, but verifications will not be provided unless a recording is included. No exceptions.

  • No reports accepted via US Mail.

  • Please be patient. Replies and verifications could take 6-8 weeks. Our priority is in scheduling additional tests, not providing QSLs.


This test would not be possible with the generosity of many. First, the station owner Michael Beverly who agreed to act as our first “test case” for a daytime DX test. Chief Engineer George Hudson who helped us convince the station on short notice was also critical to success.

Phil Bytheway of the International Radio Club of America who started all this rolling by reaching out to George Hudson months ago as part of his specialized sub-interest of collection radio station promotional materials. Paul Walker, Joe Miller, KC80, and our newest member, Loyd Van Horn, W4LVH. These folks do all the real work of the CPC and never get enough credit.

And lastly the authors of the article that inspired the idea to begin with, Barry Davies and Steve Whitt.

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