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MW Frequency Challenge | Season 3, Week 9 (530 - 570 kHz)

DX Central's Loyd Van Horn is pleased to announce a new week for the third season of the MW Frequency Challenge.

Week 9 has DXers focusing on 530-570kHz, trying to receive as many radio stations in that range as possible during the span of one week. This includes any station heard in this range, including TIS/HAR stations..

DXers must first register at to be able to submit entries in the weekly challenges. Registration is only required once to enter any of the challenges hosted by DX Central. To be considered for the challenge, all entries/receptions must be submitted through the appropriate form on

This week's challenge begins at 0000 UTC Saturday, February 24, 2024 and runs until 0200 UTC Saturday, March 2, 2024 Only logs for stations received during that timeframe and located on or between 530 and 570 kHz will be counted for this week's challenge.

Results will be presented during the following week's edition of DX Central Live!. The weekly livestream runs at 1845 CST on Fridays (0045 UTC Saturdays) at

Good luck to all DXers!

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