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The Inaugural DX Central MW Daytime Challenge

What a great season of DX Central Live! and the MW Frequency Challenge it has already been and we are just getting started! This season, you helped us cross 1,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel, have brought in a record number of MW Frequency Challenge submissions thus far, and have helped to generate a lot of energy around this DX season! We couldn't do it without your support, so thank you!

First, a little housekeeping. We will be taking some time off to spend the holidays with family and of course - some DX! As such, there will be no DX Central Live! on Friday, December 23 or 30th. We will return on Friday, January 6, 2023.

Also during this time, we will be taking a brief pause on our weekly MW Frequency Challenge as well. I wll be announcing the results from week 12 (576-600) when we return on Jan 6, as well as the next frequency range at that time.

Don't worry, we have a challenge for our little break that should provide all of the fun and difficulty to push DXers to scratch new ones in their logbooks: The Inaugural DX Central MW Daytime Challenge.

The premise: Log as many stations as you can during daytime conditions. That's it!

Nothing but daytime DX (period from 2 hours after local sunrise to 2 hours prior to local sunset) starting at 0200 UTC Saturday, December 17 and ending at 0200 UTC Monday, January 2, 2023. This challenge is open to all DXers around the world!

A few rules:

- Loggings must be during your local daytime period (2 hours after local sunrise to 2 hours prior to local sunset)

- Loggings must be from between 0200 UTC Saturday, December 17th and 0200 UTC Monday, January 6.

- Any stations are allowed for this challenge: local stations, TIS/HAR, part 15 transmitters not to mention anything distant you might be able to pull in!

- Stations do not need to be "new to you", relogs are allowed

- Stations need to be on any mediumwave frequency between 530-1710 kHz.

- Loggings should be from a location within 50 miles of your home location. This includes use of online SDRs, portable operations, etc.

- If you are traveling for the holidays and will be away from home but have access to either your station remotely or another online SDR from your home location, those submissions will be allowed.

- Only submissions made using the Google Form sheet (link below) will be considered for the challenge. Social media posts, emails, etc will not count.

Categories for this challenge will include US and international versions of:

- Most stations logged

- Most US States/Canadian Prov logged

- Most countries logged

- Furthest reception

- Most frequencies with at least one logged station

Google Form for entries:

I hope this challenge will be a fun one for all!

To all of our fellow DXers, supporters, family, friends....Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and may your logbooks be filled with DX and your hearts filled with joy and love!


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