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MW Frequency Challenge - Week 14 Results and Week 16 Announcement (The Graveyard Edition)

A quick announcement before we get to the challenge stuff: we will be taking a 3-week break for Mardi Gras from our live streams. That means tonight's stream (Jan 27) will be our last until we return on Friday, February 24 at our usual time. It is parade season down here in Louisiana so will need to put a pause on our usual broadcasts until after Fat Tuesday.

But we have something special in store for you in the interim.

First, our Week 14 results (630 - 660 kHz) can be found here:

In our absentia, we will be holding our first annual Graveyard Edition of the MW Frequency Challenge. This is all graveyard frequencies, all at once: 1230, 1240, 1340, 1400, 1450 and 1490. Our usual rules and categories do apply but for this challenge, whomever logs the most graveyard stations will receive a really cool T-Shirt! You can see a preview of the shirt in our announcement video:

The Google Form to enter your logs can be found at:

Good luck to all DXers and see you again in three weeks!


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