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DX Central will broadcast the 1100-WCGA DX Test LIVE

Join us starting at 2245 CST/0445 UTC on Friday, December 23 for the 1100-WCGA DX Test! We will be going live prior to the start of the DX Test, which is scheduled to start at 0501 UTC/0001 EST Saturday morning which is 2301 CST/2201 MST/2101 PST

Full details on this DX Test can be found on our blog post:

See you Friday night!



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Unknown member
Dec 25, 2022

From my location in CT, 1100 kHz was purely WTAM in Ohio. The signal was very solid, and no chance of hearing WCGA. It'd have been interesting if WTAM had a downtime when it might be possible to hear WCGA without the QRM. - W1AMJ

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